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Episode 4: 'Cain and Abel'

Do you believe in coincidence?

In a world with so much out of our control, it is easy to get caught up in our powerlessness to face up to the tragedies occurring around us.

Listen to Episode 4 'Cain and Abel':

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What you hear may sound like the script of a tragic movie with all of the usual tropes of intertwined relationships, misunderstandings, and a journey to not just forgive others, but ourselves. It may sound like everyone is a character you’ve seen before, and that the odds of everyone’s interconnected past and present require a suspension of disbelief, but in this story, it is all too real.

This story is about two men with a familiar past, their parents in a relationship, murder, and ultimately redemption, but they are not characters in a novel–they are real humans with strengths, flaws, and emotions.

Two men that might have been brothers in another life, Raheem and Derrick, are faced with the journey of betrayal, murder, revenge, and ultimately forgiveness and kinship. This may even seem like a verse from Genesis.

Living a life of poverty and violence can wear on everyone involved, and oftentimes no one can leave without being a victim of tragedy, even with their immediate family. With so much devastation occurring so close to the heart, it may seem impossible to find love and forgiveness for those who’ve wronged, but ultimately, forgiveness can form the deepest bonds.

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