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Episode 2: 'Come Home'

This week we meet Kep, who speaks about his Polynesian heritage, its influence on his time in prison, and his day-to-day struggles while incarcerated. He tells us about the ever-growing dynamic nature of prison culture, and how important it is to adapt over time. The culture of “cliques” within prison, for example, creates a greater struggle for some groups, and intensifies the racial divide among the inmates.

Listen to Episode 2: 'Come Home':

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Kep mentions his favorite memory from his time in prison, which was eating in the yard with his friends and making food on holidays. He even remembers them bringing a pig in from the outside so that they could cook a more authentic meal with respect to his Polynesian heritage.

We learn about Kep’s greatest struggles during his time incarcerated, which includes the loss of his father and separation from his children. He missed much of their developmental period, but they are now some of his best friends and he’s excited to continue building a relationship with them over time.

Through his friends, family, and other loved ones, Kep is just one of many who seek a positive outlet to navigate freedom.

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