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Episode 3: 'Forgiveness'

George “Rocc” Davis was one of the first newly-freed that The Uncuffed Project helped, he had to face the parole board 4 times before he was deemed suitable for release. He felt like he was in a cycle of hopelessness, but soon gained more “insight” into how he could correct his behavioral patterns.

Listen to Episode 3: 'Forgiveness':

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He reflects on his childhood experiences and the impact his family had on his young adult life. George recounts a lesson he learned at a very young age from his father about standing up for himself and fighting back. He fondly remembers that he had Christmas every year and clothes on his back, so he did not know why the parole board wanted him to reflect on the trauma he faced as a child.

After a reformative experience with a “powerful lady” whose son shared a similar experience to his. He was surprised to learn that this lady had developed a relationship with the man who had killed her son, and he realized that forgiveness is not just possible, but necessary to rebuilding his own life. Given his experiences, forgiveness is the word that George thinks of when it comes to Navigating Freedom.

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