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Spoon Jackson - Navigating Freedom Podcast

Updated: May 29, 2022

The Navigating Freedom Podcast features real people, incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, or who work to end the unjust carceral system. Through storytelling and interviews we address topics that directly affect the freedoms, liberty, and quality of life of those marginalized having difficulties navigating what we perceive to be a free society.

Listen to the Teaser:

This platform gives us a voice to reach out and reach back to prevent the prison industrial complex from stifling and reshaping our voices. Just because you have been freed, doesn’t mean that you are free. Furthermore, for many of the formerly incarcerated, what is this experience like? Or are there conditions and forces that always seem to be pulling back like the undertow of a wave.

Our podcast teaser is with Stanley Russell "Spoon" Jackson, who is our award winning producer, and also an American poet serving a life without the possibility of parole. He is currently incarcerated at California State Prison, Solano. Jackson was incarcerated in 1976 and has served time in more than six California state prisons.

He takes us through his wishes for the Navigating Freedoms Podcast, and hopes it will serve as a wave of candid information for the masses to educate themselves through the wealth of experience others wish to share.

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