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Brought to you by the award winning producers, Navigating Freedom Podcast (A.K.A The People's Podcast) features real people, incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, or who work to end the unjust carceral system. Through story telling and interviews we address topics that directly affect the freedoms, liberty, and quality of life of those marginalized having difficulties navigating what we perceive to be a free society.


This platform gives us a voice to reach out and reach back to prevent the prison industrial complex from stifling and reshaping our voices. Just because you have been freed, doesn’t mean that you are free.

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Damon Cooke

Producer & HOST

Resently Released from California’s Solano State Prison, Damon has worked in many capacities to prepare people, emotionally and intellectually, for life on the outside; teaching computer science fundamentals and running anger management groups.  In media he has hosted, along with other Navigating Freedom members, the award winning podcast and radio show program Uncuffed. He has edited the newspaper Solano Vision News, served as President of the Toastmasters’ Delta Breeze Chapter, and is most committed to getting the stories about the struggles both inside and outside of prison.
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Spoon Jackson

Producer & Host

Spoon grew up off of Route-66 in the Mojave desert in Barstow, CA.  When he was just twenty he was given a life sentence for murder, that was forty-two years ago. In the intervening years Spoon has become a poet, published poetry books and a memoir, and collaborated with musicians such as Ani DiFranco and the label Die Jim Crow. He produced for the podcast and radio show Uncuffed and the podcast AT NiGHT I FLY. Currently overseeing the creation of a book on his friend and mentor Judith Tannenbaum. 
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Producer & host

Years of working for KALW and Uncuffed is a fulfillment of a childhood infatuation that spans back to him and his brothers making funny recordings in their bedroom back in Bethel Island.  Being an avid listener of all mediums of radio, Bryan understands and appreciates a good story. Whether it is insightful, impactful, or funny, Bryan is especially drawn to stories that portray people overcoming the odds and eliciting change in their lives. He likes a good underdog story of those whom take their time in prison and make something good and positive from it. 
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Lisa Strong

Executive Producer 

Lisa is a Chaplin for Solano State Prison and runs the non-profit The Uncuffed Project. She has experience navigating the rough transition out of prison and is Navigating Freedom’s feet on the ground. A jack of all trades in the myriad of riddles presented by a post-carceral life Strong helps people avoid recidivism in the most challenging first couple months out. Now, with The Uncuffed Project’s podcast Navigating Freedom she adds podcast producer to her long list of titles. 
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Matthew Schneeman

Producer, Host, & Lead Editor

Matthew Schneeman is a podcast producer who has worked on WHYY’s The Pulse, Out There, KFAI’s Catalyst, and created with fellow Navigating Freedom cohost Spoon Jackson AT NiGHT I FLY. Schneeman works to connect the carceral reality of America to its non-incarcerated population though the universal humanity that exists on the inside. 
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